Garlic Bread        4,50

Fried house bread glazed with garlic-herb sauce

The Gardener’s Starter Salad   4,50

Fresh vegetables of the summer season

Escargots          8,00

Garlic herb buttered snails with blue cheese icing and house bread


Opera            11,00

A classic of warm bread, whole meat steak with bread and egg, salad

Lumberjack             11,00

Baked bread, topped with whole meat steak and Baarpuuri’s creamy mushroom sauce, salad

Chicken basket            12,00

French fries, chicken breast, onion rings and garlic dip

Vendance basket          12,00

Crispy fried vendace, french fries, onion rings and garlic mayonnaise

French fries basket          4,00

For kids:

Kids chicken basket      7,00

Kids burger          7,50

With fries

Kids salmon   9,50

Grilled salmon with bearnaise sauce, mashed potatoes

Kids leaf steak        9,00

Pork leaf steak with house spice butter, french fries


Beach     12,50

Classic burger! Between the brioche bun, beef steak, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, marinated red onion, pickles and house mayonnaise. In addition, crispy French fries

Double burger          14,50

Double steak and cheddar, fries

Chili Burger                     17,50

Pork tenderlo          13,00

Hot version of the beach burger, fries

Blue cheese burger          17,00

Juicy Ribs with french fries, house bbq sauce and garlic dip

Leaf steak Burger with blue cheese crumbs, mayonnaise, fries

Chicken Burger                     14,00

Baarpuuri’s vegetable patty, fries

Halloumi burger         13,00

Grilled Chicken breast, frieshalloumi cheese, fries

Vegetable burger


8 pcs 7,00

12 pcs 9,00

20 pcs 14,00

30 pcs 19,00

Sauce options Medium or Hot, Dips Aura or Garlic. In addition, cucumber and carrot sticks


Goat cheese salad      14,00

Delicious salad with a fair size Fried goat cheese, devil’s jam, house bread

Chicken salad          14,00

Delicious salad with grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese and house bread

Halloumi salad      14,00

Delicious salad, grilled halloumi cheese and house bread

Salmon salad          14,00

Delicious salad, butter-fried salmon and house bread

Main dishes:

Baarpuuri’s vegetable dish      16,50

House vegetable steak with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, creamy mushroom sauce and fried halloumi

Beach salmon       19,00

Grilled salmon with creamy mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Goat cheese chicken     18,50

Grilled chicken breast, fried goat cheese, devil’s jam, garlic cream potatoes, vegetables

Chicken Black&White              17,50

Grilled chicken breast, red wine- and béarnaise sauce, french fries, seasonal vegetables

Pepper pork        17,50

Pork tenderloin, creamy pepper sauce, french fries, seasonal vegetables

Mushroom pork          17,50

Pork tenderloin, house mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Pork Black&White.             17,50

Pork tenderloin, red wine- and béarnaise sauce, garlic cream potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Beach Ribs          17,00

Juicy Ribs with french fries, house bbq sauce and garlic dip

Leaf steak            16,00

Pork leaf steak with house spice butter, french fries, vegetables

Pepper steak          25,00

Grilled beef tenderloin steak grilled to your desired doneness(180g), creamy pepper sauce, garlic cream potatoes and seasonal vegetables